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Welcome to the UCLA Journal of Law and Technology

The Journal of Law and Technology (UCLA JOLT) is dedicated to producing the best literature on the web concerning not only hard IP, but all intellectual property that is at the forefront of technology, at the forefront of academia, society, and innovation. These materials include traditional scholarly articles and comments, practical advice, and “heads-ups” from attorneys broaching the cutting edge.

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2018/2019 Board


Victoria Ho: [email protected]

Chief Articles Editors

Nareg Essaghoolian: [email protected]
Caleb Loschen: [email protected]

Chief Executive Editors

Yue Deng-Wu: [email protected]
Maan Sangid: [email protected]

Chief Managing Editors

Jonathan Jianu: [email protected]
Michelle Xu: [email protected]

Senior Editors

Sarah Abeson: [email protected]
Veronica Reynolds: [email protected]
Aaron Schroeder: [email protected]

Managing Editors

Ashleigh Armstrong: [email protected]
Jessica Griffith: [email protected]
Elliot Horlick: [email protected]
Will Lawther: [email protected]
Eric Mossor: [email protected]
Michael Tezyan: [email protected]
Josh Thomas: [email protected]
Molly Yoder: [email protected]

Career Forum Co-Chairs

Elliot Lucas: [email protected]
Katie O’Sullivan: [email protected]

Senior Online Editor

Jeff Lassen: [email protected]

Digest Editor

Chelsea Aitken: [email protected]

Alumni Relations Editor

Gwen Holst: [email protected]

Business and Finance Chair

Maxwell Parauda: [email protected]